How much does it cost?

I must hear this question in one form or another multiple times a week. The typical call goes something like this:

“Hi, I’m starting my own line of clothing so can you let me know how much it costs to print some shirts?”

So in my best Socratic method I proceed to answer the question with a number of questions until I have enough information to give them a ballpark estimate.

The truth is, for maybe 75% of the people, the cost of printed shirts can be estimated as roughly $25-$100 in set up fees and $8-$12 per shirt. But that is usually too wide a range for the customer and doesn’t account for the customization options they may be interested in (long sleeve shirts, ladies v necks, size 3xl, custom labels printed in the collar, numbering, etc).

So rather than disappoint someone by giving them a price and then having to adjust it upwards with each customization, it is usually best to ask and ascertain the following:

Do you have completed artwork or just an idea of what you want printed? Completed artwork is usually a vector file with all colors defined as spot colors. If not a vector file, it should be 300 dpi at full size, so if it is supposed to be eleven inches wide, it needs to be set to 11 inches wide at 300 dpi.

How many colors are being printed? Are you open to reducing the amount of colors if that could reduce the cost?

How many locations are being printed and what size are the prints? Is it a small logo on the chest or a large print on the front and back? Are you wanting the sleeve printed or do you have a desire to custom print the inside neck?

What type of shirts do you want? Shirt options include standard unisex heavyweight cotton t- shirts, ladies ringspun cotton v necks, full zip hooded pullover sweatshirts, shirts with pockets, and performance, long-sleeve, dri-fit crewnecks.

What quantity of shirts do you want printed?

If you have this information it makes it much easier to provide an accurate quote.


All about TeesĀ 

… and other decorated garments. 

I’ve been printing t-shirts for a good portion of my life. Most of that time I have been in South Orange County, hence the blog title. I started in high school as a part time job. Then I started printing shirts as a hobby and stress release from my day job. I wanted to have a creative outlet and I enjoyed working with people to bring their ideas to life. I especially enjoyed working with people who needed help, the PTA volunteer, the small business owner who had a million things to do, or the student that needed shirts for their club. 

Most printers don’t like these types of customers because they have a lot of questions, need a lot of attention, and don’t represent large orders. As a side gig for me I had the time to work with people and get to know them. 

Well flash forward more than ten years and I can proudly say that I have built a business out of working with a lot of schools and community organizations, as well as businesses and government agencies. I still love being able to help people and count my many customers as friends. 

This blog is a place for me to share stories, information, and insights about my screenprinting and garment decoration journey. It is a place where I hope to document some of my work and the various facets of my business. I’m not sure how much value this will have for others but I hope if you come across it that you might learn a little or come away with a new idea or inspiration.

If you have questions for me or are interested in any print projects let me know.